The Power Three: Tawang Monastery

Arunachal Pradesh

Tawang Monastery #1

Tawang Monastery #2

Tawang Monastery #3

Folk Dance of the Mishing (Miri) Tribe to Celebrate Ali-Ai-Ligang, the Spring Festival of Assam.

Dressed in traditional black and green mekhela chador and eri silk shawl.

Elegance in White

Khasi Lady in Traditional White Silk Dhara, Meghalaya

Elegance in Gold

Khasi Lady Dressed for the Annual Spring Dance, Meghalaya

Bihu Dancer

Assamese Lady in Traditional Muga Silk Mekhela Chador, Assam

Pretty Maids all in a Row

Hajong Girls of Meghalaya and Assam

Nishi man from Arunachal Pradesh

Dressed in a traditional hat of feathers and hornbill beak, a necklace of amber and turquoise beads,

an eri silk shawl, and a dao sword


Manipuri Dancer

Photo Credit: Nicky Chandam

Raas Leela #2: the Dance of Passion, Manipur

One of eight classical dances of India

Archery: Manipuri Dancer 

Raas Leela Dance of Manipur

Photo Credit: Nicky Chandam

Roar of the Drum: 

Pung Cholom Drum Dance of Manipur

Xattriya Dance of Assam #1

One of eight principal classical dances of India

Going Home

Khasi Hills of Meghalaya

Wangala Dance, a Folk Dance of the Garo Tribe to Celebrate Harvest Festival

Meghalaya, Nagaland, Myanmar, and Bangladesh

Xattriya Dance of Assam #2 (at a Temple)

One of eight principal classical dances of India

Bihu Dance, a Folk Dance to Celebrate Spring Festival in Assam

Xattriya Dance of Assam #3 (with Cymbals)

One of eight principal classical dances of India


Nigerian Girl


Snake Charmers of Rajasthan

Flight Path

Vision in White

Leah's dog

On Broadway


Khasi Girl of Meghalaya


Garo Woman, India

Samburu Kenyan Girl

Sunburned Cheeks

Khasi girl in the hills of Meghalaya, India

Kenyan Samburu Girls

Friends Forever

African Woman

Hip Hop Dancer

Greece: Archway

Greece: Sifnos Santuary

Greece: Santorini Sanctuary



Watercolor on Paper

Carlsbad Field of Flowers

Pastel on Sanded Paper


Pastel on Sanded Paper

Budding Ballet Dancer


Halo in the Sunshine

I love my Mama Mother's Day)

8X10 inches

Mother Zebra and her Calf (Mother's Day)

Size: 8X10 inches

Mother Tiger and Cub (Mother's Day)

Size: 8X10 inches

Mother Hen and her chicks (Mother's Day) 

8X10 inches

Mother-Baby Giraffe

Size: 8X10 inches

Explosive Movement

15X22 inches

Saturday Night Live

11X14 inches

Compassionate Safety

Commissioned by the 

City of Gaithersburg .

22X30 inches

Dogsledding in the Glow of Winter

15X22 inches

Chesapeake and Ohio Canal: Great Falls Tavern

Lock 20

Chesapeake and Ohio Canal


Water-Locked: Chesapeake and Ohio Canal

Lock Number 19

Great Falls Tavern


Chesapeake and Ohio Canal

Kensington Crossing of Yesteryear



Covid Warrior

Susan and the Alpaca

Rock Climbing in Lesotho

Roshi and Armand

Bichon Frise

New Year's Eve

Cliff-Hanger from Bhutan

Sunrise on the Ganges


The Stare

Evoo, the Rescue Cate


The Many Faces of Firdoz


The Many Faces of Firdoz

Didi the Cat 

Colored Pencils and Watercolor

Gogo the Cat

Colored Pencils and Watercolor


Elderly Gallo Couple 

from Arunachal Pradesh, India

Photo reference: Shyamal Datta

Weaver from Tripura

Photo reference: Shyamal Datta


Women of Color: Healing America

"Women of Color on the Frontlines" is a project initiated by a physician in response to the observation that female healthcare workers of color are underrepresented in the story of the US' fight against COVID-19. She put out a call to female physicians of color around the US to send their selfies and a call to artists to paint any portrait based on the selfies. I responded by painting 15 portraits in a single painting.

Rockville Art League Award, December 2020

Black Lives Matter

The cities of the US erupted in protests against the pandemic of racial injustice in July 2020

Your Breath Counts: Vote!

This painting brings together three major experiences in the US during 2020: racial pandemic, Corona pandemic, and the hope of change that voting brings.  Fighting for breath is a common thread that runs through all these major events.

June 2020

Won the Park View Gallery Award, 2021

We the Women

To commemorate the 100th anniversary of two events that affected women’s lives significantly: the women’s suffrage in 1920 and the pandemic in 1918. Women voted and wore masks then. History repeated itself in 2020.

May 2020

Heroes Work Here!

April 2020

One World: Alone, Together

March 2020


Manisha and Drew

Sikkimese Man in Traditional Attire

Photo reference: Shyamal Dutta



Pink Roses Aglow

Beauty and the Bee

Immigrant's Altar

Stars, Chakras, and Stripes: US-India flag, Krishna playing the flute, Indonesian batik fabric

Koki's Daughter and Family

Karen's Children